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About Us

Since 2014

Our Story

A few young college students with landscaping experience decided to quit their current jobs under bigger contractors and start their own small business. 


They started small going door to door in their neighborhoods, and over the years they steadily grew in size and earnings. One of the original three eventually moved on, and then brothers Sam and Ted together ran the company. 


Sam provided a leadership role to the business while Ted operated all day to day operations, including on-site management of the service crews. Ted and Sam outgrew the business and then passed it on to their younger brother, George. George, like his older brothers, is going into college and has been working under landscaping contractors for years. He has decided to finally take on the role of running Advanced Landscaping. 


Today, George manages the company full time during his spring and summer seasons away from school and is happy managing his crew and serving your needs.


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